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Are you a budtender or a vendor who sells Pearl2o? Or are you interested in carrying the product? Read on to find out how to inform your customers about Pearl2o.

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Now your customers can make their own infused creations!


With Pearl2o™ consumers can cook, bake, infuse, and create cannabis edibles and drinks. We like to think of it as the vermouth to a martini: it’s meant to heighten, literally. Pearl2o™ contains no sugar and no calories.


Pearl2o™ is for adding precise, consistent amounts of THC and CBD to your food and beverages entirely without any unpleasant “weed” taste or odor. Oil based cannabis products retain the cannabis taste, which can effect the taste of your favorite foods and drink. With Pearl2o™ there’s no trace.

Pearl2o™ Quick Facts

Teach your customers about Pearl2o™, the best way to create their own infused food and drinks.

What's in it?

Pearl2o™ is a food and beverage mixer that lets you add a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD to your food and beverages without adding the taste or smell of cannabis.

How to Measure.

One serving of Pearl2o™ is 1.54 oz if using the 100 MG THC bottle and 3.08oz if using the 50 MG. We’ve also made a Pearl2o™ MINI which equals just one convenient serving of 10MG—perfect for on-the-go helpings.

Boiling and Baking

YES! You can boil and bake with Pearl2o™. For boiling, don’t exceed temperatures over 220°F for longer than 10 minutes. For baking, you can bake at any temp provided the item you’re baking doesn’t reach temperatures of 220°F or above. These temperatures will cause the THC and CBD to begin to break down.

How Fast Does it Work?

Because it is water-soluble, Pearl2o™ tends to take effect faster than other cannabis edibles. The effects can typically be felt as early as 20 minutes after consumption.

Pearl2o™ vs. Cannabis Butter

Pearl2o™ is designed to distribute THC/CBD evenly throughout any product. Pearl2o™ has a relatively quick onset time versus canna butter, which retains a strong cannabis taste and smell and also fails to disperse the THC evenly, making dosage inconsistent.

Other Questions?

Read more on the FAQ page.

Available in different varieties

100 MG THC | 100 MG CBD:
10 servings per bottle

50 MG THC | 50 MG CBD:
5 servings per bottle

100 MG THC | 100 MG CBD:
10 single-shot servings

50 MG THC | 50 MG CBD:
5 single-shot servings

10 MG THC | 10 MG CBD:
1 single-shot serving

Created by Tarukino

Premier maker of cannabis products.

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